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Cleaning for a reason -  Free cleaning services to cancer patients

Cleaning for a reason

Several years back, I had two family members battling cancer. This was a very dark time in our family. During this sad time of our lives, I sought out a non profit organization to incorporate into my business to help families battling cancer, providing free services. I came across Cleaning for a Reason, a great company that provides cleaning services to women with cancer. This service is completely free, and offers families a much needed service during a time that "cleaning" is not possible. We partnered with this amazing company, receiving 2 clients each month, to clean their homes for free. It has been one of the most positive experiences we could have hoped for, helping women battling cancer, with general cleaning of their home. I share this story on my website in hopes to spread awareness of their mission and bring a little hope during a very trying time for families. 

My first cousin Joell, and Uncle Don both lost their life to cancer, a genetic cancer that took them way too soon. In a very short year, my aunt lost her daughter and husband to the same cancer. We grieved with her, and her children, and miss them terribly. 

I recommend visiting their website to learn more about the services offered, make donations, and share your own experiences. Refer any family or friends who may need these services. We are ready to clean for them. Thank you for visiting our site. 


Uncle Don and JoelleUncle Don and Joell Joelle, Uncle Don, and Joelle's children

Joell, Uncle Don, & Joell's Children

My mom JoAnn, Joelle, and Aunt Joy

My Mom JoAnn, Joell, and Aunt Joy.