"For if you forgive those who have wronged you, your Heavenly Father will forgive you as well" - Matthew 6:14

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Clean it like you mean it!

We take Cleaning very seriously! When you hire our cleaners, you are hiring workers that know what it takes to clean, and clean well. We nominated this motto as one of our company shirts. You will see some of your cleaners wearing our logo and showing support for our mission. This shirt was picked by our team as their favorite motto. Our company supports women and men who work hard every day to provide the best service possible. We acknowledge all team members for their dependability, ethics, cleaning ability, and overall positive attitude. We offer monthly promotions, awarded each month, for outstanding performance.

Share your compliments with us! 

Cara on a Fireplace

Mrs. Cara, a dedicated worker for many years. She was born deaf but has a terrific sense of humor about it. She cares for her clients!

Mrs. Tracie

Mrs. Tracie, winning her Christmas Bonus

The Boss Lady
The Boss Lady - She is not only Bossy, She is the Boss. 


Erica, our Cleaning Supervisor. This was taken at her 5 Year Anniversary with the company

Company Meal

Time to Eat!

One of our many company meals together. This was taken at our second location, around year 10.

Monthly MeetingOur monthly meeting at our current location in Flowood, year 12. Buddy and Cara

Yes, we are pet-friendly! Some of our most special clients are furry! This is Buddy and Cara.

There's no sitting around on the job for our crew, unless you are the boss! 

We take out the trash! Sometimes it is a chore, sometimes it is fun. 

Christmas 2022. After covid, we were excited to bring back our annual Christmas Celebration. 

We love supporting our local youth! We proudly sponsored Northwest Rankin Athletic Association, year 2022. 

Foster's Trivia: Who is the biggest Elvis Fan? 

Answer: Mrs Celisa

Thanksgiving 2023 - PotLuck Dinner at out office 

It's a family business. Shown above, grandson and son helping with trash duties. It isn't fun, but somebody has to do it. 

Hall of Fame dinner at Shaggy's on the Rez. We enjoy getting away from cleaning toilets from time to time.